Elsoft Consulting LLC delivers reliable .NET solutions that cater to the goals and needs of your business irrespective of its size. We Supply full-cycle .NET development Solutions by leveraging our Experience in the Shipping of High Performance, process-oriented Software and software products Such as Internet cloud, and Cellular to deliver Solutions.

Full Cycle Development Services

Custom .NET Development

Our group of experienced Microsoft certified .NET professionals will be effective at altering varied business requirements to highly scalable and flexible .NET web-based solutions which can take your company to another level.

.NET Integration

We provide custom loosely combined message-based middleware and manage the ability of BizTalk capacities to present .NET answers to your surroundings and assist you to guarantee unimpeded A2A/B2B communication.

3rd PARTY .NET Customization

Our technical specialists customize third party .NET options to allow them to fit your organization requirements. Our Services interval UI skinning, maintainability, and performance improvement, in addition to API optimization and development.

Migration To .NET

We simply can not allow the continuous technological shift weaken the company value of the legacy systems: We provide a vast assortment of services which will easily migrate your present software to .NET and improve its performance.

Our .NET Expertise

Advanced Web Solutions

Elsoft Consulting LLC builds stable, lightweight, interactive and functional web apps and sites that enjoy great scalability and integration capacity provided by the .NET framework.

  • Internet B2B and B2C Portals
  • Online stores, marketplaces, and auctions
  • Media Content Distribution
  • Social Networking and Social Commerce
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Web Services

Enterprise & Distributed Applications

We deliver enterprise-level.NET-based systems empowered to achieve global scalability and solve the challenges of today’s heterogeneous computing environment.

  • Corporate Sites and Portals
  • Line-of-Business Apps
  • Corporate Intranet and Extranet
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Project and Document Management

Uncover the Potential of Office 365 & Microsoft Dynamics

Office 365

We develop custom Office 365 apps that address any needs your business operations might have. We can also connect your existing solution to 3rd party systems or a corporate environment to provide enterprise-wide access to any data source.

Microsoft Dynamics

We leverage Microsoft Dynamics on-premise or in the cloud to deliver custom solutions that assist businesses in pushing leads and opportunities through the sales funnel. We deliver flexible middleware to streamline your business processes and enable A2A/B2B communication.

.NET in the Cloud

Our experts develop multi-tier applications that are easily deployed and scaled to the cloud. Be it a web portal or a high traffic web application, we offer ample options of running your solution on virtually any .NET PaaS out there or can enable a hybrid cloud environment in demanding scenarios to give your business greater flexibility and more data deployment options.
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