Building Java applications that are highly productive, secure and stable under large hit loads has been our core line of action ever since a decade.

Custom JAVA Development

We staff Java-based projects with top development and architecture design experts, taking an experience-driven, yet up-to-date approach that few other vendors can match.

APP Maintenance & Modernization

Renovate and grow with Elsoft Consulting LLC professional maintenance and support services that include 2nd and 3rd level support, app functionality enhancements and upgrade to Java 8.

Integration Services

JAVA API Development

Extensive B2B integrations, pre-built apps extension, and customization.

Web Services Integration

Custom web app integrations into the corporate environment.

Data Connectors

Custom connectors for direct communication with SAP/Oracle, MS ERP systems.

Enterprise Service Bus

Efficient, reliable and secure data exchange between multiple enterprise apps.


We enable sustainable enterprise development with custom Java applications for ERP and business process management automation:

  • Corporate Intranet / Extranet
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Records Management


Our portfolio includes more than 100 large-scale projects featuring web content management, digital assets management and media content distribution in the following domains:

  • E-commerce and online ordering
  • Payment processing systems
  • Social networking solutions
  • Multi-media portals
  • Digital repositories and storage management systems
  • E-learning management systems
  • Online gaming
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